Citizen X in Poland Sopot jazz fest in club SPATIF Oct.03.13



The second day of SJF 2013 are two excellent concerts at the club SPATIF. First, a solo show performed Austrian trumpeter Franz Hautzinger. The Artist modulated the sound of his instrument with a variety of  rather well-known guitar effects, (wah-wah, chorus, etc.), which made an electrifying impression.




After a few-minute break on the stage three gentlemen installed themselvesfrom the U.S.. The drummer Kenny Martin, Sadiq Bey took his place behind the microphone, Jean-Paul Bourelly played the guitar and also sang. This included a large number of electronics (including two laptops).



The Trio presented a strong performance, not only musically, but also in words.

“I was happy to see another festival that has chosen to program a series of music that informs and challenges a young audience with a program that selected modernity over nostalgia while assuming the publics intelligence and not just assuming their lack of. The smarter and more aware the youth are, the better my life will be. Art and music are the first essentials in those building blocks. Kudos to artistic director saxophonist Adam Pieronczyk”         Bourelly