Jean-Paul Bourelly (guitar, vocals)

Gea Russell (turntables)

Regis Molina (baritone sax, congas)

Llorenç Barcelo Vives (hammond organ, moog)

Dani Domínguez (drums, electronics)

Jazz’s epic New Wave has been building nicely for some years now and has reawakened a healthy exploration of the endless possibilities of ‘the music’. And now begs the question; So what’s next? Well, maybe the future is already here. Acclaimed guitarist, Jean-Paul Bourelly’s ceaseless quest for modernity has landed once again with this genre bending, rock tinged, voodoo machine called 

HIPS PROJECT. Their objective; to make you move.

Jean-Paul together with co-direction from Gea Russell has pulled together a fresh European-based line-up laced with some fearless improvisers that twist and contort their purposely crafted compositions to the very limit.

Sound and Motion in the Other-Sphere.

Many say that jazz music lost its dance component after the swing era. If that is not a fact then it has definitely been constrained within the music. 

What has been lost in that process and what has been gained since then? How was dance estranged from improvisational music? And don't we need to recover that feeling to move, shake and communicate to creative complexity?

 Hips Project seeks to generate new fresh sounds and to reunite improvisational music with its historic partner. 

The vision of the project is for music creators to inspire and be inspired by motion, giving body movement agency in discovering new form while reconnecting and reinvigorating this important intersection. 

Hips Project connects the idea that music and movement is and should be a part of a total system of double consciousness, motion in conversation with complexity of tones and rhythms, with intuitive, smart moves that match the musicians exploratory journey. 

Hips understands music as possibility and motions as the physical embodiment of that possibility. Furthermore, if all tones are vibrations on some surface, then our bodies are instruments of vibration included in that total music system. Let the tones persuade the body toward its need to move, to answer with fine tuned responses to creative variations in this chapter of what Amiri Baraka would call "the changing same". 

We invite all who want to share the music in movement, to come and join us in sound and motion in the Other-Sphere.





 Produced with the support of the City of Dudelange and the Centre Culturel opderschmelz