“It's all about power in the darkest hour… ain’t no free ride if you want to glide on it” says Bey on the piece Sacred.

Citizen X moves towards the cinematic sense of music and the freedom to navigate beyond sonic boundaries. Inspired by the revolutionary 60′s of Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles marinated over time, Citizen X finds a new voice in the theatre of today’s globalized one-world strangle hold on consciousness.

  • Sadiq Bey

    His social investigation began with performance and poetry in post-insurrection Detroit’s experimental music scene with artists like Faruq Z.Bey, Kenny Cox, Dudley Randall, Roy Brooks,The Othello Syndrome with Uri Caine and his own project Fire in Zeroland (a Tribute to Sun Ra). In 2008 he received the Berlin Studio Project Award for his electronic/acoustic recording Slow the Ear (Allzeit Musik).

  • JPB

    Jean-Paul Bourelly summons his Chicago roots playing, thinking about some of the south side’s most adventurous voices: Phil Corran, Pete Cozey and a 70’s outlook on music. "The city was blazing one night and the next day everything was gone. So was it in April 1968" (JPB).

  • Name

  • Sadiq Bey (vocalization, spoken word, electronics, congas) / Bourelly  (guitar, electronics, vocals) /Kenny Martin (drums)