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Bourelly in Antwerp Belgium






Just some gear info for all the gutarists. On the Stone Raiders tour this winter I am using: Framus Panthera 7 string (nickname “Turbulence). Framus Ruby Riot  head w 4 12” Cabinet,

Effects : Pod 3x Live, Zvex “Box of Rock”, Digitech “Whammy” (the black one) Dunlop “Carbon Copy”.


JPB Radio Spot Zwölle NL

Stone Raiders – interview on the reknowned with Martin van Golen.
Go to the icon for Podcast on the home page, scroll down to Martin van Golen and click on any of the 3 tabs the apple if you have an apple mac or the arrow if you would like to download the show. They were on the first half of the show. Great interview!! Happy listening!!!

Thoughts on the new cd “Truth to Power”

The album Truth to Power, is  a reflection on what I believe is the theme of our time. That is the re-balancing of values and for the first time since the 60’s a real questioning of our system.

What are the monetary systems the social systems, defense systems really doing for the people of the land. What should we really expect our government to provide for us as citizens and considering the new global power shifts, how are the old arcane ways of dividing and controlling a society holding us back in this new global day and age.

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Stone Raiders Album Tour Update Jan/Feb 2012

Renowned guitarist, singer and songwriter Jean-Paul Bourelly will embark on another vivifying tour as lead singer and guitarist with the group Stone Raiders in support of their upcoming debut album, Truth to Power. An album calling for the awakening of civilization through the mediums of Rock, Funk, Jazz and Soul. Afro-rock extraordinaire Will Calhoun on drums and Darryl “Munch” Jones(of Rolling Stones fame) on bass – whose vocals also adorn several tracks including ‘Power To Spirit’ – complete The Stone Raiders. Their debut offering is flowing with urgency with songs that gather the world’s inhabitants cry for justice and refine it into a compelling musical journey.

As the bands tour last summer preceded any recorded material, Jean-Paul and the rest of the band instilled a reverse distillation method to the album process. They used that tour as inspiration to work out the albums material. In the spirit of this process, advanced CD’s will be available exclusively at all Stone Raiders tour dates. Another bonus available only to concert goers.

Truth to Power may not be the cure to ‘The Money Disease’ – the closing track of the album – but it could be an eye opener to those unaware and a rallying cry to those who see it as clearly as Jean-Paul, Darryl and Will do.

Truth to Power will be released in April 2012 on Yellowbird Records, a division of the acclaimed German Jazz label Enja Records.

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