Spontaneous Arkestra

The Spontaneous Arkestra led by Jean-Paul Bourelly uses Conduction to command the orchestra. 

By its nature, Conduction method liberates both conductor and musicians from the traditional boundaries of musical rules, habits and conventions, making the collaboration more spontaneous and surprising the audience with unexpected turns.

During intensive workshops musicians acquire the necessary skills of the Conduction method and prepare for the concerts as a group.

The Spontaneous Arkestra appears on different occasions to perform with Jean-Paul Bourelly. 

A term borrowed from physics, Conduction is a type of structured free improvisation where the conductor directs an improvising ensemble with a series of hand and baton gestures. 

Methodically similar to Sound Painting, Conduction, which originates from Butch Morris, gives more freedom to the musicians and balances their role in the performance. Musical events using Conduction method are often considered quite unique, not fitting into any one musical genre. 

"At his best, Morris can shake players out of their old habits, or place a microscope on one aspect of a musician's artistry and build an orchestral fantasia around it" (Ed Hazell).


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