Jean-Paul Bourelly

is an innovative and experimental guitarist and composer who excels at blending and bending various musical styles into cohesive expression.

His music is informed by the migrant community of Haiti and the southern culture of Chicago's south side that he grew up in.

He worked in a variety of areas and appeared on the album “Amandla” by Miles Davis as well as in bands with Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, and Pharaoh Sanders.

He worked with rappers like D-Nice, created projects with noise guitarist Elliott Sharp, Vernon Reid, Dennis Chambers, TM Stevens, Melvin Gibbs and Cindy Blackman, and produced albums for Cassandra Wilson. 




Bourelly, Martin, and Taylor driving towards an own sound over the past 7 years, turned a creative corner that is opening up their sound after a 2016 tour of Morocco.

"Kiss the Sky" the title of their debut album this year is an audacious offering of that process, crossing genres and sonic spaces that reveal a formula of free-associating ideas formed from groove cult magnetism.

The group was formed in BERLIN, as KTS naturally embodies ideas that reflect their unique experiences of working and living in the Diaspora.

"We are constantly coming up with new ways in this capital city Berlin to express our own direction through re-contextualizing motifs and re-defining styles. For us, music is the constant DISCOVERY OF TRANSFORMATIONS." (JPB).

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY - gt., vocals, electronics 

DARYL TAYLOR - b. (Archie Bell and the Drells, Jab'o Starks & Clyde Stubblefield)

KENNY MARTIN - dr. (Defunkt, Citizen X)


Genre: Cross-over (Jazz, Blues, Funk, rock)

Availability: WINTER-AUTUMN 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

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arte concert: KTS @WDR3 jazzfest 2018


Jean-Paul Bourelly / Darryl Jones / Will Calhoun

LA in 2011. Jean-Paul Bourelly and Darryl Jones acted on a longtime promise: old friends would come together somehow, one day like the old days in Chicago basements. 

"That seems like the bull's eye when we come together" (JPB).

Darryl Jones steps out as a songwriter with the voice.

Will Calhoun is what a modern drummer should be, worldy in tune with social rhythms, hinting that awareness is expressed both through the dome and the hips.

Stone Raiders Truth to Power reveals new pathways, with the courage to walk that foggy path between early urban blue and channeling the spirits of today.

They convince us of a possible new age through their strong mastery of groove and expression, willing to borrow from glorious roots and steer them towards a bright, creative future.

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY - gt., vocals

DARRYL JONES - b., vocals (rolling stones, miles davis, sting)

Will calhoun  - dr. (living colour)


Genre: expanded blues-rock

Availability: on requests

Location: usa

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Stone Raiders @New Morning, Paris



Ghost Seed is Ilorensett BarceloDani Dominguez, and Jean-Paul Bourelly. It is a Phat Organ trio of the Next order, coming out of the JPGotMangos camp in the fall of 2019.

The sound is Phat in every sense, and though that is enough to catch the attention, after listening to an organic deluge that expands into spheres, it becomes clear that this is a group on a powerful mission.

The tight communication between amped-up guitar pump fakes, tumbling grooves and subsonic sinn waves hits you with an urban edge yet is so purposefully placed between each other that it feels like listening to the morphing process where sounds turn into language.

Dani Domingues frames the group with masterful rhythmic statements of wit, asymmetrical logic and the leap of faith, where time and groove seems to dance on a sharp edge.

While the organ sound of Ilorensett Barcelo certainly echoes from across the Atlantic as its steeped in the proud legacy of organ master Jimmy Smith, he is a young musician pushing into his own way as heard on Dance Blues Baby.

JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY - gt., vocals

Llorensett Barcelo - Hammond organ 

Dani Dominguez - drums

Genre: cross-over (soul, fusion, nu music)

Availability: autumn 2020

Location: Mallorca, Spain

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