The Foula Concept collides with Blackadelics.

The great architects of Foula concept, bassit Chico Boyer (CHICO) and guitarist-composer Wilfred Levaud (TIDO) went on different projects until their encounter wtih Jean-Paul Bourelly. This collaboration has given birth to two projects Ayibobo Free Style & Ayibobo Stone Voudou that was added to the discography of this exceptional and practically unclassified guitar of Haitian descent.


They studies the chord changes; rhythms and instruments used during the (voudou) ceremonies. The result was a superb band “Foula” (Breath of Life) which stands out in the Haitian musical experience as one of the most conclusive achievement in terms of originality and uniqueness of cultural/musical expression.

Known for his musical odyssey in the black Diaspora, Bourelly is like the pilgrim who cruises various genres and connects hidden dots and uncovers unspoken truth.

Rosna: vocals, percussion
Titdo Lavaud: vocals guitar
Chico Boyer: bass and percussion
Jean-Paul Bourelly: guitar, percussion
Bonga Gaston: vocals, percussion
Tido Gaston: vocals, percussion
Doudou Chancey: alto sax
Thurgot Theodat: alto sax
Booker T: tenor sax
Jimmy Rock: drums
Munner B Fennel: cello
Ju Ju: house drums

Ayibobo: Dahomey Medley

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