Kiss the Sky

Jean-Paul Bourelly – gtr vox samples    •    Kenny Martin – drums    •    Darryl Taylor – bass

  • Kiss the Sky often times works from familiar motifs from the preeminent rock funk group Band of Gypsys. The group established the themes. then unravel the motifs into an “Other” blues space. This allows people, more rather concrete references rather than less to follow our musical journey.  more of KTS...

  • Name
  • Jean Paul Borelly

    Jean-Paul Bourelly known as an innovative and experimental musical explorer. His music is informed by the migrant community of Haiti and the southern Afro America culture he was a part of while growing up on the south side of Chicago.



Jean-Paul Bourelly – guitar and sampling, Sadiq Bey – vocalizing, electronics         “It all about power in the darkest hour… ain’t no free ride if you want to glide on it”

CITIZEN X moves towards the cinematic sense of music and the freedom to navigate beyond sonic bounderies. Inspired by the revolutionary 60′s of Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles, marinated over time, Citizen X finds a new voice in the theatre of today’s globalized one-world growing political consciousness.

The group moves through a landscape filled with a sense of spirituality, atmospheric sound bytes punctuated by waves of guitar motion and observant commentary on today’s tumultuous world. Cadillac Eldorados, Sun Ra’s Arkestra and names like Amiri Baraka, Fred Hampton and Huey P. Newton come to mind in a blend of black-a-delic consciousness, bringing a sense of proximity to both danger and beauty. more