I’m going to do a Spontaneous Conduction of themes from the Hungarian composer.

Here is what they say:


One evening at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin with two different concerts, but with one thing in common: both are dedicated to György Kurtág for his 90th birthday.



Péter Kiss & Péter Szűcs
Classical music concert on piano and clarinet
Kurtág and Bach compositions


Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Spontaneous Arkestra
After a one week long Conduction workshops held and led by Jean-Paul Bourelly, the seven member Spontaneous Arkestra will reflect on Kurtág “shapes”

The event will be accompanied with VJ performance.




Kiss The Sky – Münster 21.11.15 Hot Jazz Club, Duisburg 23.11.15

KTS @ Hot Jazz Club, Münster, DE.  21.11.15







Mit seinem aktuellen Projekt “Kiss The Sky” verwendet er die Musik seines grossen Meisters Jimi Hendrix als Abschussrampe.








KTS @ Steinbruch -Duisburg  23.11.15






Bourelly Bowie Russel Tacuma – Bari Italy 24.10.15

We are heading into a new sound and awareness cycle, throughout the galaxy.


BB&T “New Language” offers an alternative in sonic adventurism, improvisation with groove.


“New Language”;

the development of a system of communication through voice, sounds and gestures.


A none exclusive acoustic, electric, futuristic blend of musical impulses and ideals.



Tune into New Language “Another Way In Another Way Out”

New Language Back stage Bari 2015





“Nu Grid” Haynes Reid Logic Bourelly pixs

Sound check at St Anna Aressi Sardinia Italy Sept.1. Had a great time with the guys. Graham Haynes coronet., Vernon Reid gt. Logic turntables and myself on gt. as we go under the name Nu Grid. I heard some new sonic possibilities. It just gets better. Its been way too long guys! Hope to have some sound to post soon…. JPB


Photos by Ziga Koritnik


NU GRID Reid Bourelly Haynes Logic Sept.1 2015 Sardinia

Its a special Exclusive Project for our friends at Sant’Anna Arresi , Sardinia who are honoring the late great Butch Morris with this years festival.

Press announcement: Nu Grid Concert – September 1,2015


Graham Haynes, Coronet and Electronics

Jean-Paul Bourelly – Guitar ,Vocals and Electronics

Vernon Reid – Guitar Electronics

DJ Logic – Turntables




This years festival at  Sant’Anna Arresi will experience the first concert of Nu Grid. Jean-Paul Bourelly and Graham Haynes are the project initiators and Vernon Reed and DJ logic completing this auspicious quartet.

Jean-Paul Bourelly describes Nu Grid as the convergence point of four accomplished musicians. who have always expressed the progressive side of music, using the jazz impulse, free form funk, beat music and Afro-phonics to lead us into new meaningful musical spaces.


Experimental thinker and coronetist Graham Haynes conducts the Bitches Brew Revisited project and has eight recordings including “Transition” which was the last time these musicians appeared on the same record.


Guitarist, Vernon Reid is the founder of Grammy award winning rock group Living Colour as well as collaborator with Jamaladeen Tacuma in the group “Free Form Funky Freqs”.


Glob trotting funky beat master DJ Logic started out with the group Eye & I has amassed an astonishing array of collaborations with musicians from Sierra Leon Refugee Allstars to Bill Laswell.


Innovative blues explorer Jean-Paul Bourelly sometimes appearing as” Bourellywah” has 16 recordings, creating from his Berlin production house JPgotMangos, including his latest Cameroonian excursion, 3 Kings ”Famous Guys”.


The Nu Grid project represents a fresh sonic jazz adventure by merging technologies with the tested skills of powerful improvisers. Nu Grid is steeped in African America’s impulse to re-invent, as well as in these musicians association reflected over time.


It is a meeting point along the digital space ways in the sometimes contentious yet exciting arena where the instrumentalist’s skill duels it out with todays digital tools,  guided by four master creators.

This is who makes up “New Grid” as they converge on St’ Anna Arresi, Sardinia to mix IT up .