Forces of Nature

I have been hearing a lot of musicians at Frankfurt this year talk about the new business atmosphere that we find ourselves in. What I am hearing is that the promise of being independent against the backdrop of the enabling force of the internet is coming to a fork in the road. A lot of notions about sitting at home or in the studio and watching your downloads click with the speed of Lewis Hamilton’s, tachometer, seems to be developing into a dream to no where.

Going out and playing live is the ultimate exposer for your music and the most durable bonding force for you and your fans. It seems almost everyone agrees, at least that has become clear. The net is not a cure for an ailing career, its just an enhancement tool.

But you gotta have something to enhance.



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Bourelly at Frankfurter Messe this week.

Signing, meet and greet.


I’ll be at the Frankfurt music messe at the Warwick/Framus booth.

I’ll be there  the last Stone Raiders tour, the upcoming CD and about my custom 7 string Panthera (“Turbulence”) that thats all over the Stone Raiders CD.






Plus: a couple of copies advanced copies of Stone Raiders debut CD Truth to Power.

Come and say hi. Best.

4:00pm Jean-Paul Bourelly with Earl Slick

and Reggie Wooten

hall 4, floor 1, booth #12

The Education of Auma Obama music by Jean-Paul Bourelly

Last night, the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), the continent’s most prestigious awards for filmmakers announced the nominees in Banjul, the capital of Gambia, at an exclusive ceremony attended by celebrities, top government officials and capitals of industry from Gambia and other African countries. My film THE EDUCATION OF AUMA OBAMA was nominated in the category of best diaspora Documentary.
I am very happy! (quote from Director, Branwen Okpako)

Winner of the following awards.

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at the Africa International Film festival in Lagos 2011
Panafrican Filmfestival in Los Angeles 2012
Director Branwen Okpako
Music by Jean-Paul Bourelly