Llorensett Barcelo (hammond organ) / 

Dani Dominguez (drums) / 

Jean-Paul Bourelly (guitar, vocals)

Ghost Seed is a group led by Jean-Paul Bourelly with the exciting organist Ilorensett Barcelo and powerful drumming of Dani Dominguez. It is what Bourelly likes to call a Phat Organ trio of the Next order. 

The trio came together on the Mediterranean Island of Mallorca. That's where a series of summer jams turned into some serious music-making. Receiving great support from the local community, the three musicians embarked on playing various venues around the island. What came out, in the end, were some very unique sounds and the idea that they should become a solid group. 

The sound is Phat in every sense. After listening to an organic deluge that expands into new jazz spheres, it's clear that this group is on a powerful mission. The tight communication between the three members of the group is highlighted by the sounds of amped-up guitar pump fakes over a tumbling groove and subsonic sinn waves. This gives the feeling of jazz of urgency and jazz of its time with the purpose of transformation.

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The grooves and sonic passages of Ghost Seed draw from many sources: 60s organ grooves, 90s free funk, spiritual jazz and modern abstractions which all blend together in an authentic way. 

Bourelly sounds possessed on tracks as if he wants to shake free the locked up angels of blues past. 

While the organ sound of Ilorensett Barcelo certainly echoes the proud legacy of organ master Jimmy Smith, yet he is a young talent moving his own way. 

Dani Domingues frames the group with masterful drumming often of asymmetrical logic and energetic leaps of faith, where time and groove seem to dance on a sharp edge. 

Ghosting is a term Bourelly uses quite often to describe musical ideas that appear and disappear within creative exchanges as the group is building, with Ghost Seed this element takes hold and creates the very illusory textures that become the stamp for this NOW sound.