BBT New Language

Jean-Paul Bourelly, Joe Bowie and Jamaaladeen Tacuma called “New Language” which will be centered around electronics, fresh beats and new thinking toward improvisation.

Throughout history music promoters, record companies & agents have resisted change!!…In Dixieland Jazz… this music was called “Jack Ass” (JASS) music when it was first formulated then changed to Jazz…Dizzy & Bird were under severe scrutiny in the beginning age of Bebop…. Coltrane was criticized in his latter years for evolving into spiritual concepts of music. Miles Davis was crucified for moving in directions of rock/funk as he shaped fusion music…Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry were ridiculed in the 50s…Chuck Berry, “Scat Man” Crothers, Elvis Presley & Buddy Holly were called Satanists as they shaped the beginnings of Rock & Roll… on Defunkt ‘s debut tour in Europe in 1978, opening the Wiesen Jazz Festival, we were “boo-ed” after our festival opening performance. The visionary Austrian promoter Fritz Thom, then paid us twice to also close the festival:-)

Are there similarities in these situations? Artists have creative vision beyond the promoters, agents & audience. Artists are motivated by creativity and development not swayed and influenced by temporary financial gain. Over thousands of years of existence and evolution on earth, Humans have instituted controls to limit the rate and nature of musical language development. Why? Consciousness leads to awareness! An emphasis on repetition and re-gurgitation of ‘genres/musical styles’ have effectively distorted our perception and curtailed the vast potential of our minds, bodies and souls. The manner, sound and the role that instruments play as a result have remained the same for hundreds, even thousands of years, allowing progress to be gained very slowly, maintaining maximum control, allowing full commercial exploitation thereby minimizing awareness and discovery. Experiments with sound have been allowed to function in isolated situations, out of reach and perception range of the population, who are masterfully controlled by multi-sensory distractions such as TV, computers, mobile phones, a bombardment of advertisement, mind numbing food additives and drugs, (illegal and legal) designed to create distorted reality. This has altered perception and the understanding of life style. We have been programmed to a delusional state, deprived of self-knowledge and the innate power accessible in our genetic code.

We must challenge our awareness and perception through vibrations that we understand as Music! Life is in constant evolution around us. Can we acknowledge the deep genetic voices in our sub-conscious; there to help us develop ourselves, tuning us in with life and helping us navigate a new multi-dimensional terrain? Yes! A new sonic language is imminent. Look around our planet at the popular uprisings occurring, in full swing with the “information age”. It is obvious that there is an opening underway. A “NEW (sound) LANGUAGE” is imminent! Not acoustic, not electric, not primitive, not futuristic but a merging of all these dimensions to speak to NOW. Life is a product of genetic evolution and alteration. Experiments have occurred over thousands of years, when traveling life forms in the universe merged with native life on earth.

This is a process of natural evolution throughout the galaxy. We are space travelers!! Our ship is the earth itself, traveling through the galaxy, orbiting the Sun! Embrace the future and evolution of sound and multi-dimensional realization. Understand the little known and least understood essence of life.

BB&T “New Language” present a new concept of sonic media, offering a new, unique approach to improvised music… a counter narrative to the huge body of “sameness” that is engulfing humanity. The existential creative process, fostered by necessity, is the passion fueling this group.

There is a necessity to speak to the times, service mankind, unlock the shackles of mental and spiritual bondage and weigh in on the side of humanity, expressing the shift, the changing of the global script. The situation is new and particular. WE focus on the awareness of sounds reacting to rhythm sculptured by BB&T (3 formidable figures of multi-culture). This is what gives “New Language” special meaning.

BB&T “New Language” offers a fresh concept in sonic adventure in improvisation and groove culture.
We are heading into a new sound cycle, resonating throughout the galaxy. Tune into the human frequency.
Tune into “New Language”.


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