The Gear

Bourelly in Antwerp Belgium






Just some gear info for all the gutarists. On the Stone Raiders tour this winter I am using: Framus Panthera 7 string (nickname “Turbulence). Framus Ruby Riot  head w 4 12” Cabinet,

Effects : Pod 3x Live, Zvex “Box of Rock”, Digitech “Whammy” (the black one) Dunlop “Carbon Copy”.


JPB Radio Spot Zwölle NL

Stone Raiders – interview on the reknowned with Martin van Golen.
Go to the icon for Podcast on the home page, scroll down to Martin van Golen and click on any of the 3 tabs the apple if you have an apple mac or the arrow if you would like to download the show. They were on the first half of the show. Great interview!! Happy listening!!!