Thoughts on the new cd “Truth to Power”

The album Truth to Power, is  a reflection on what I believe is the theme of our time. That is the re-balancing of values and for the first time since the 60’s a real questioning of our system.

What are the monetary systems the social systems, defense systems really doing for the people of the land. What should we really expect our government to provide for us as citizens and considering the new global power shifts, how are the old arcane ways of dividing and controlling a society holding us back in this new global day and age.

With technology the way it is today, do 1000’s of people have to do mindless work for a small few.

To me art becomes the strongest messenger when set under the umbrella of social and political movement. That is why this record and its accompanying material had to reflect what almost everyone I know is feeling right now.


It is an awakening moment to see some members of society who once were placed in a context of privilege and entitlement being put in the same position as those who have historically in the west been under privileged. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish to poke at anyones misfortune but there is a moment of grace when the vail has been lifted from ones eyes and the common connect of being a human, unable to profit from the abundance of all what the creator provides for us earthlings becomes a united cry in unison, beyond the man made categories of race, religion, political partisanship, class or nationalism.


Sometimes it must be painful in order for the fog to be lifted and the vision that so many things are out of balance to come into plain view. These days were awareness can only be a click away, shows me that this painful process may yet bring us collectively closer and wiser.