Ongoing Tour!! BBT New Lanaguage

The evolution of Music/Language is mandatory for the development of humanity!

BBT New Language
BBT New Language

Take off on the spaceship earth. BBT New Language is here once again in search of sonic territories unknown.

Rhythms speaking to inner-planetary upheaval, globalism, artificial intelligence, and sonic migration.

Bourelly,Bowie and Tacuma – Three incredible musical souls in dialog with beat culture, historic black music, electronics and what is the new avant-garde?

“Drummer On Screen”

BBT New Language is:

  • Jean-Paul Bourelly: guitar, vocal, electronics
  • Joe Bowie: trombone, percussion, electronics, vocals
  • Jamaaladeen Takuma: electric bass
  • Gea Russell: turntables, samples, image projection

BBT Tour Dates Fall 2011

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