Bourelly in Chicago Saturday April 19th

Bourelly in Chicago


Screening the Education of Auma Obama with a Q&A with the director Branwen Okpako.


I am going to perform a creative improvisation with a few Chicago friends like Chicago afro cuban percussionist Greg Carmouche and AACM saxophonist and composer Ed Wilkerson before and after the screening at Chicago Film Makers.


Film/Music New Narrative.

Brotherzone Paris Concert

Jamaaladeen Tacuma BROTHERZONE (USA)

feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly

Wadud Ahmad – voice, spoken word poetry

Jean-Paul Bourelly – guitar

Jamaaladeen Tacuma – bass

Daryl Burgee – drums


Here is the Paris Concert from the Philidelphia based group led by bass icon Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

They usually keep the video up for a month so check it out.
Click on the link and video loads at the top of page. Enjoy.

Sons d’hiver 2014 : Brotherzone“>
Sons d’hiver 2014 : Brotherzone
BROTHERZONE | Villach, Kulturforum (A)
BROTHERZONE | Wien, Porgy & Bess (A)
BROTHERZONE | Öblarn, Kunst & Kulturhaus (A)
BROTHERZONE | Salzburg, Jazzit (A)
BROTHERZONE | Pair, Sonhiver (Fr)

Spontaneous Youth Arkestra’s Premiere

Under the direction of Jean-Paul Bourelly
Akademie der AutodidaktenDas SPONTANEOUS YOUTH ARKESTRA unternimmt gemeinsam mit dem Musiker und Komponisten Jean-Paul Bourelly eine Reise zu den musikalischen Möglichkeiten, Geschichten mit Klang und Tönen zu erzählen.
Die besonders interessierten und talentierten postmigrantischen jungen MusikerInnen im ARKESTRA beschäftigen sich mit den experimentellen Ausdrucksformen von Musik. Bourelly verwendet dabei die Methode CONDUCTION (von Butch Morris), die für das spontane Komponieren mit großen Ensembles entwickelt wurde. Ihre Soundkompositionen bringen sie als spontanes Happening auf die Bühne des Ballhaus Naunynstraße.




Jean-Paul Bourelly wurde in Chicago geboren und begann mit 13 Jahren Gitarre zu spielen. Er brachte verschiedene eigene Alben heraus, die seinen Sound international erfolgreich machten. Er gründete das Backroom Project im Haus der Kulturen der Welt (1999-2004), war musikalischer Kurator für das Projekt Black Atlantic 2004 und rief in der Werkstatt der Kulturen die musikalische Bibliothek Spontaneous Situation ins Leben.



Von und mit: Dury De Bagh, Cristi Baza, Ilan Brandrup, Karim Kane, Niklas Lukassen, Endre Vazul Mandli, Johannes Oster, Angelika Gulnara Petzold, Luisa Polaina, Isabelle Rivera, Stefan Schneider, Gregor Steinbrecher



Musikalische Leitung: Jean-Paul Bourelly
Produktionsleitung: Carolin Lindenmaier




Spontaneous Youth Arkestra ist ein Projekt der akademie der autodidakten im Ballhaus Naunynstraße, gefördert durch den Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse's photo.
Friday, December 6 at 8:00pm in UTC+01
48 people w

Shadow Crow Review

Jef Lee Johnson, Magic Intact

Saturday, 23 February 2013 18:16 | Written by Frédéric Goaty


Thus, tonight’s winter Sons d’Hiver, Jef Lee Johnson aka Rainbow Crow was no longer ours. But thanks to Reggie Washington’s true love for the blues of his takeoff companion, his magic resonated through the strings of another singular guitarist: Jean-Paul Bourelly.


Jeff Lee Johnson, R.Washington, P. Dorcean, JP Bourelly
@ Mac Créteil Maison des Arts, Sons d’hiver, Paris by
Pascal Martos



Jean-Paul Bourelly (guitar, vocals), Reggie Washington (bass, vocals), Patrick Dorcéan (drums). Créteil Maison des Arts, Friday, Feb. 22.



The tribute was therefore as captivating as it was mesmerizing, for the former bassist of Five Elements of Steve Coleman, Buckshot LeFonque and RH Factor could not have found a better blues preacher than Jean Paul Bourelly for the music of Jef Lee Johnson relived on stage – one last time? Fingers crossed that others continue to interpret these delicate songs and blues to willingly poetic words.


We will be back soon, in another magazine covering the art and the style Jef Lee Johnson. Because, as he sang it so well,


“Everything starts right now.”


In the meantime, check out this concert on Arte Live Web:




Frédéric Goaty

Lawrence “Butch” Morris February 10, 1947 – January 27, 2013


Hangin with Butch, NYC April 2012


“Butch’s approach gave us a new way to express and control the improvisational impulse with a larger group.

He figured out the pratical means of keeping ideas cohesive. This is a game changer. With the Conduction technique in hand, large format ensembles will be liberated, tooled with the means of expressing that illusive, “urgent spontaneity”  that has served to fortify black cultural expression and identity of Africans in the Americans. This has until now been mostly the exculsive domain of the trio or quartet. Not any more.



On the personal level Butch was somewhat of a social genius. He had a way of handling people of all walks of life that was very special and personal.

I was in a Turkish bar with him in Berlin once and he had such a deep friendship with the bartender neither of them could speak the others language but they had a great communication, irony, jokes all of it.
It was all non verbal and intimate. That was Butch. ”


It was a great honor and pleasure to learn from him through the years and be effect by this innovative thinker.



JP Bourelly